Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks

An excellent collection of tricks, tips, and tactics for catching big bass! Years of experience has taught me anyone can catch the big bass, and my bass fishing tips and bas fishing tricks will help!
As you spend more and more bass fishing days you will acquire the knowledge for choosing the right bass lure and technique for the right bass fishing situation. The best advice is to examine the bass fishing conditions, ask for help from anglers familiar with the waters you are fishing, and, finally, to try many different  bass lures and bass fishing techniques until you discover what works best for you.
And the real reason why we all enjoy bass fishing is the fun and friendship we enjoy with our buddies and family. Some of the best bass fishing stories come from the journey, not the destination.
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Troy Chabot - Rochester NH

Sunday, October 2, 2011


         Just a heads up, I will be posting pictures of my ice fishing products (its coming sooner than you think). I make several types of jigs in all shapes, sizes, and colors. These products will be for sale at a super reasonable price (given the economySteaming mad). I have sold some of my products to a local marina and they have sold out in days. The jigs I make are 100% hand made. I also brought a bag full of these out on a few ice fishing trips on "Winni" and handed them out to random people. By the end of the day, I had numerous people return to me stating that my jigs were amazing and they had never had that much luck in one day on artificial baits. Some of these ice anglers asked where they could buy more of my product. Other than telling them where the marina was where they were sold out, I did not have anywhere to sell them. Now that I have this website, (thanks to Svend), I have an opportunity to sell my product. The expected price range will be $2.00 to $6.00. I will also take orders on custom products. If you can dream it, most likely, I can tie it! I also need people to keep in mind that these products are not just for ice fishing. I have caught countless small mouth on some of my rabbit fur jigs, Lg mouths on a deer hair jig and trailer, and even some stripped bass  on some of my larger products. I find that sometimes the difference between rubber or silicone skirts and animal hair skirts is a full live well. Animal hair is much more natural moving. Although rubber and silicone do produce fish, animal hair will make the most finicky fish bite. No more lock jawLaugh! So, no matter what type of fish you are fishing for, I have the jig for you.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Knots that I use

    These are the knots that I use. After losing many fish and hundreds of dollars worth of lures, I have tested these three knots in many tournaments and by far have been superior. I like to use knots that are quick and simple, but have super strength. I generally use 30 - 40 lb test braid on my bait casters. I use 8 - 12 lb mono on my spin casters. The knot that works best for me on braid is the palomar knot. This knot one of the easiest knots to tie and, in my opinion, is the strongest knots available. I have tried dozens of knots in my days, but it seems that the simpler the knot, the better it works. Some knots like the blood knot or the bimini twist are ridiculously hard to tie and are not as strong as for instance....the clinch knot. When I am bumping a 20 dollar swim bait off of rocks and stumps, I want to "know" that I did a simple knot right and not a a difficult knot that "might" have a kink or I missed a twist. 
    By no means are the three knots that I use perfect, but I can tell you that for  someone who goes fishing everyday, I have yet to lose a lure or fish from the knot breaking. If you try these knots, I promise you will not be upset. If anyone needs any help figuring out these knots or any other knots, I know this guy named Troy Chabot that can help you out with them :)

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