Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks

An excellent collection of tricks, tips, and tactics for catching big bass! Years of experience has taught me anyone can catch the big bass, and my bass fishing tips and bas fishing tricks will help!
As you spend more and more bass fishing days you will acquire the knowledge for choosing the right bass lure and technique for the right bass fishing situation. The best advice is to examine the bass fishing conditions, ask for help from anglers familiar with the waters you are fishing, and, finally, to try many different  bass lures and bass fishing techniques until you discover what works best for you.
And the real reason why we all enjoy bass fishing is the fun and friendship we enjoy with our buddies and family. Some of the best bass fishing stories come from the journey, not the destination.
Thanks for Stopping by Troy Chabot's Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks!
Troy Chabot - Rochester NH


  1. Good morning all. I have been out on Baxter's lake twice in the past week. I took the kayak out and did fairly well for the short time on the water. Both times I fished the same lures. A 6", darker colored senko, on a 5/0 Gamkatsu. I would dead stick it for about 45 seconds. No taps, pulled it up and threw it back out to offshore rock piles 6 to 10 feet deep. This produced four 3lb + lrg. mouths in a half hour. You have to get up early for this type of situation.
    I also got a couple bigger ones on sunfish swim baits. The secret is, put it as tight as you can to the shore, and reel as slow as you can. Almost bump the bottom. As the water cools, the bass are looking to feed heavier. A bigger bait seems to produce a little more than any finesse rig. Anybody wants to go out, let me know.

    Feel The Tap!

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